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The central objective of the eReSS study is to provide support to the JISC VRE Programme by helping to identify suitable solutions for the interoperability of Virtual Research Environment tools, applications, and resources. This will, of necessity, cover both ongoing activities within the VRE Programme and parallel activities in the wider Grid, eResearch and related environments of interest.

eReSS is running from March 2006 - February 2009, and will work in parallel with current and future VRE projects to support their need for information on interoperability and associated standards and specifications.

The major online output from the study is a wiki.

eReSS Information
Coordinating Editor
Jim Farmer
instructional media + magic, inc.
1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 37
Washington, DC 20005 USA
UK +44 (0)20 8432 6187
US +1 202 296 2807

Project Director
Ian Dolphin
Head of eStrategy, University of Hull
Brynmor Jones Library
Cottingham Road
Hull HU6 7RX
Tel +44 1482 466841

eReSS details

Additional information on the eReSS study is also available.

A brief background to the study and its relationship with the VRE Programme and eResearch places the study in its wider context. The study methodology describes the process adopted to help achieve the study's objectives.

The eReSS study cannot be carried out in isolation. The study is based on a consortium of partners, representing a broad spectrum of international expertise in different areas of eResearch and related fields.