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Assis Deliverables

Assis looked to create a concept that both teachers and learners could engage with. It became apparent that a familiar, higher level design paradigm was required. The project explored the creation and development of a Floor-Corridor-Room model as a framework for both organising content and the rules that control access to the content.
WP6 - Innovative learning templates
Floor-Corridor-Room sequencing templates (27KB ZIP)
Web Services, Personalisation, Integration and Politics (1.22MB PP)
WP- 7 Sequence authoring interface demonstrator (560 KB)
Interface demonstrator

Searching for assessment items
The generation of new learning experiences requires an interface allowing the searching, previewing and downloading of assessment items from a question bank. Assis created a common interface to two different systems with item banks (TOIA, Samigo).
WP2 - QTIQuery
Web Services interface for searching item banks (88KB PDF)
TOIA SRW extension
The Assis work for Samigo is incorporated into the latest release available from

WP-5 - Select QTI
Samigo search interface (109 KB ZIP)
TOIA search interface (106 KB ZIP)
Web Services, Personalisation, Integration and Politics (1.22MB PP)

Core services
The core services are the sequencing engine, to structure and control the user experience, and the assessment engine that deals with the rendering and processing of responses for QTI conformant questions. Assis also uses CPRun, a central store of Content Packages.
WP3 - QTI rendering and processing engine
QTI Run - Subset of APIS (6.55 MB ZIP)

WP9 - Extended WSDL for Simple Sequencing
SS engine (4.91 MB ZIP)

CPRun (3.71 MB ZIP)

At the centre of Assis is the Player which is an integration of discrete web services to produce a service oriented tool. It uses the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) specification with an open source BPEL engine to orchestrate these services at run time. The Player delivers structured dynamic packages of content to the user by rendering and response processing of assessment items, processing the sequencing rules and providing additional, context sensitive resources.
WP5 - AssisPlayer
Assis Requirements Documentation (306 KB PDF)
ASSIS app (12.1 MB ZIP)

Other outcomes
The other outputs include the research and analysis of the integration of Simple Sequencing with QTI. This work has been documented and will be presented to the IMS QTI standards committee for consideration during their work to improve the 2.0 specification.

WP1 - Integration of Simple Sequencing and QTIv2

IMS Simple Sequencing (315 KB PDF)