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Since 30/11/2007


Introduction to C&ISE Activities

C&ISE has well established activity covering 25 years' research in the field of robust modeling methods for Robust Estimation, Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) in uncertain and complex control systems and Fault-Tolerant Control (FTC) for industrial control problems (flight control, jet engines, satellite attitude control, pumping systems, electric traction drives for trains, gas turbines, steel mills, etc).  FDI methods investigated range from robust observers (unknown input observers, H∞/H-, Kalman filters, parity equations and more recently soft computing methods (e.g. based on neuro-fuzzy computing).  Led by Prof. Patton, C&ISE coordinated the EU funded projects: (a) FP4 Inco-Copernicus IQ2FD (Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Fault Diagnosis) [1997-2000] and (b) FP5 Research Training Network DAMADICS (Development and Application of Methods for Actuator Fault Diagnosis in Industrial Control Systems) [2000-2004].  DAMADICS involved the development of a fault diagnosis benchmark problem based on a valve actuator in situ real application and results have been published in a special issue in Control Engineering Practice (DOI: 10.1016/j.conengprac.2005.09.006; DOI: 10.1016/j.conengprac.2005.06.015).  Prof. Patton is a well-known primer-mover in the field of fault-tolerant control; his SAFEPROCESS'97 survey paper on the subject remains one of the most cited works.

C&ISE was partner in an FP6 STREP NeCST (Networked Control Systems Tolerant to Faults) [2004-2007], working on research and development of FDI and FTC methods for autonomous coordination of distributed and networked systems. C&ISE has formed a strong activity in Networked Control Systems, focussing on Fault-tolerance and Coordination issues, including robust FDI for distributed systems.