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Welcome to the Parish of Sunk Island

Sunk IslandSunk Island is a large sparsely populated parish located in the south of Holderness adjoining the Humber Estuary approximately 4 Km. away from Patrington . The parish has a population of 259 (1991 Census), a decrease of 30 since 1981. The Parish of Sunk Island lies in remote countryside where the South Holderness plain meets the north Humber foreshore. This 8,000 acre agricultural estate owned by the Crown was once a small mid-river sandbank often submerged by spring tides. From about 1600 onwards the "island" has slowly been reclaimed from the river. The properties in the parish are widely dispersed owing to the nature of the farming operations on the island except a cluster of buildings around the cebntrral crossroads which include a church and the old school. Most of the properties date from mid-19th Century and are the design of Teulon, an important Victorian architect (HRWLP, 1999).

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