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You are in the Parish of: Easington
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Coastal Erosion
Shoreline Management Plan

Erosion & Flooding in the Parish of Easington

Coastal Erosion

EasingtonThe Holderness Coast in the north east of England stretches for 61½ km from the high chalk cliffs of Flamborough Head in the north to the sand spit of Spurn Point in the south. Renowned for having the highest erosion rates in Europe, the Holderness coast is quoted as eroding at 1.8m per annum. The coastline itself is comprised of low sedimentary cliffs, at the base of which are thin narrow beaches.

For specific erosion issues found within this parish see the following links:

University of Hull

The geography department at the University of Hull have developed a website whereby colour aerial photographs showing 60 km of the Holderness coast have been overlaid with first edition 1852 Ordnance Survey maps. By clicking on the map, the user can bring up one kilometre strips of the Holderness coastline showing the rates of retreat. The following links show aerial photos and map overlays of coastal erosion along the Easington to Spurn coastline - taken from the website for the geography department.

Link to Coastal Stretch 1
Link to Coastal Stretch 2
Link to Coastal Stretch 3
Link to Coastal Stretch 4
Link to Coastal Stretch 5
Link to Coastal Stretch 6
Link to Coastal Stretch 7
Link to Coastal Stretch 8
Link to Coastal Stretch 9
Link to Coastal Stretch 10
Link to Coastal Stretch 11
Link to Coastal Stretch 12
Link to Coastal Stretch 13

Humber Estuary & Coast - Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies (IECS), 1994.
This report by IECS produced in 1994 for Humberside County Council provides an overview of the current knowledge on coastal processes and landforms in the Humberside and Lincolnshire coastal zone. The section on the Holderness coast provides information on the geology and physical processes operating at the coast, rates of erosion and coastal defence measures. Link to report.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council have been carrying out cliff erosion between Sewerby and Kilnsea since 1951. The following three links show the 116 erosion posts monitored and average erosion rates.
Link to erosion posts 1 to 39.
Link to erosion posts 40 to 78.
Link to erosion posts 79 - 116.


Link to information on coastal defences and erosion issues at the Easington Gas Terminals

Link to information on coastal defences and erosion issues at Spurn Peninsula

Internet Geography

Link to 'Internet Geography' site giving the geology and coastal features of Spurn

Land Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS)

Link to information on coastal defences and erosion issues at Sunk Bight

Images of the Area

Link to images of the coastline and village of Easington and Spurn Head

More information about coastal erosion on the Holderness coast and in this parish can be found by searching under the general Erosion and Flooding section.