Withdrawal policy

The University operates the following withdrawals policy relating to tuition fees and applies to all students.

Tuition Fee charges in relation to the agreed withdrawal date

Withdrawal within weeks 1-3 inclusive of the course start date - No charge

Withdrawal within weeks 4-12 inclusive of the course start date - fee charged at 25% of the full yearly fee

Withdrawal within weeks 13-22 inclusive of the course start date - fee charged at 50% of the full yearly fee

Withdrawal within week 23-end of course - a full yearly fee

If a student withdraws from the University, any refund of fees that have been initially paid by a sponsor or sponsors will be repaid to the sponsor or sponsors.

Any refund of fees that have been paid by the student will be repaid to the student.


Withdrawal for reason of Examination Results

A student who decides to withdraw in the light of their first semester results will be treated as if the withdrawal had taken place between the end of the first semester and start of the second semester.

This is because the University recognises that results can only be published part way through the second semester and that this therefore delays decision-making. A student will normally be expected to provide evidence that the reason for withdrawal is related to their results, and therefore the timing of publication of the results. The best way in which such evidence can be provided is a note from the personal supervisor indicating that the student has discussed the results with the supervisor and considered other options.

For clarity, this means that a student withdrawing due to examination results will be deemed to have left at the end of the first semester.

Accommodation deposit refund

Each year an email will be sent to your University email address requesting bank details on-line.

You will be asked to create a DDE Mandate for the refund and there are some standard questions that will be asked whilst completing the mandate.

The refund will be processed after your contract has ended and your accommodation has been checked.

If you prefer to complete a form, download the Accommodation Deposit Refund Form.

The form should be completed and handed into the:

AskHU desk
2nd floor
Student Central


Tuiton fee deposit refund

The University of Hull has introduced a minimum deposit payment requirement of £2000 for international (those who are classed as overseas for fee purposes) applicants.  The tuition fee deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable except under the circumstances outlined in this policy.

This policy applies to any international applicant who is required to pay a tuition fee deposit.

Circumstances under which a refund will be given:

In the event of a default by the University of Hull for any of the following reasons:
- where the University withdraws a programme prior to the start of the start date
- where the University is unable to deliver a programme as advertised, due to circumstances beyond its control

Where there are exceptional circumstances beyond an applicant's control, such as illness or bereavement of an immediate family member.  An application for this type of refund must be supported by certified documents such as a doctor's certificate and/or relevant documents verifying the situation.  Decisions regarding exceptional circumstance refunds are at the discretion of the Director of Student Services.

Where a visa application is refused by the Home Office, except in the following circumstances:
- The UK government has cancelled a visa as a result of a breach of visa conditions
- Falsified documents have been submitted with the visa application
- Where incomplete information has been submitted in support of a visa application and the Home Office determines that the student has made false representations and/or failed to declare information material to the visa application

If an applicant fails to meet the required academic grades attached to their offer and their application is not successful on those grounds.  A refund will only be made if the University is satisfied that sufficient evidence has been provided that shows the applicant has made a genuine effort to meet the conditions.  English language certificates submitted as evidence in support of a refund request must be dated after the date of the tuition fee deposit payment.

Additional points:

No refunds, other than for exceptional circumstances (see above), will be made once an applicant has arrived in the UK and after the commencement of the course.

Should an applicant be found to use fraudulent documents at the time of application or at the time of applying for entry clearance, no refund will be due.
If an applicant has their visa refused due to an issue of credibility and lodges an administrative review, which is successful in overturning the original decision to refuse a visa, the University will issue a refund. If an applicant is unsuccessful at administrative review or chooses not to pursue an administrative review then a refund will not be given.

Deposits will be held at least until the start date of the course applied for, or longer, at the discretion of the University, until the relevant checks have been undertaken.

In line with UK money laundering laws any fee paid will only be refunded to the person or body who paid the fee.

Failure to attend at the start of the programme, or withdrawal from the programme after enrolment will mean that the deposit is forfeited by the applicant.  The Home Office will be informed that the student has not enrolled on the programme and has withdrawn.

All refunds are subject to a 10% administration fee; please note that this fee will only be levied on the compulsory minimum deposit amount.

How to apply for a tuition fee deposit refund:

Please complete and return the Request for Refund of Tuition Fee Deposit form.
Please note that applications for a refund must be received by the University no later than six weeks after the intended start date.

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