Carvane Maritime

Caravane Maritime

Intercultural Contacts, Multiple Identities and Shifting Allegiances: the
Caravane Maritime and its Protagonists in the Early Modern Mediterranean.



The following list (in alphabetical order) of historians and interested academics participated in the Workshop. Click on the PDF links to download the relevant Abstracts. Documents relating to sources, and listings of participant publications may be downloaded from the Documents page. Brief audio clips from each participant may be downloaded from the Audio Files page.

Salvatore Bono University of Perugia, Italy L’esclavage dans le monde méditerranéen. Historiographie et sources
Michela D'Angelo University of Messina, Italy In the Heart of the Early Modern Mediterranean: English Trade, Ships and Merchants in the Italian ports
Molly Greene Princeton University, USA The Ottoman Maritime World in the Seventeenth Century: a Local Perspective
Gelina Harlaftis Ionian University, Greece The Ottoman-Greek and Venetian/Ionian fleet in the Western Mediterranean grain trade during the Napoleonic wars
Colin Heywood University of Hull, UK The human face of the Northern Invasion: the Straits voyage of William Mellow and the ‘Prudence’ of London, 1628-1630
Donna Landry University of Kent, U.K The "Caravane Maritime": Equine and Equestrian Perspectives
Fatiha Loualich University of Algiers, Algeria La Régence d’Alger : l’autre revers de la marine
Soumaya Louhichi Institute of Oriental Studies, Tübingen, Germany Contribution de la marine maghrébine aux guerres hispano-ottomanes des XVIe et XVIIe siècles
Eloy Martín Corrales Universidad Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona, Spain Las cifras del comercio hispano-musulmán en la Edad Moderna : necesidad de su planteamiento
Nabil Matar University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA Islam and the ‘Making of a Great Power’: Britain and North Africa, 1688-1713
Simon Mercieca Mediterranean Institute, Malta Some aspects on the historical development of the Mediterranean Maritime /Caravane/ based on the personal experiences of Gio Francesco Buonamico (1639-1680)
Daniel Panzac Université de Provence, France La Caravane Maritime à l’origine de la Guerre qui oppose Venise et Tunis entre 1784 et 1792
Abdeljelil Temini University of Tunis and Temimi Foundation, Tunisia Redifinition des enjeux maritimes au XVIe siècle à la lumière des Muhimme Defteri d’Istanbul
Ann Williams University of Exeter, UK ‘Sacra Militia': The Order of St John, Crusade, Piracy and Trade in Early Modern Malta


Final Round Table:

  • Cornell Fleischer (University of Chicago)
  • Maria Fusaro (University of Exeter)
  • Gerald MacLean (University of Exeter)
  • Nicholas Rodger (University of Exeter)
  • David Starkey (University of Hull)
  • Mohamed-Salah Omri (University of Exeter)

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