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British Arctic Whaling (BAW) is a research unit based in the Maritime Historical Research Centre (MHSC), University of Hull.

Its objectives are:

  1. to undertake scholarly research on aspects of Arctic whaling from British ports during the 16th to 19th century, and
  2. to gather together information on British Arctic whaling in the form of a website, for the use of other scholars and of anyone else with interests in this major, historically significant industry.

The website is produced byDinah Molloy Thompson and John Nicholls. Major contributions from the late Dr Bernard Stonehouse are gratefully acknowledged.

Opened on 1 September 2007, it is augmented from time to time.

Blaydes House, home of the
Maritime Historical Studies Centre

Website Components

British Arctic whaling: an overview
A concise history of the industry in relation to contemporary events and to the rival European and North American industries.

Encyclopaedia and glossary
alphabetically-listed information on aspects of the industry, including terms likely to be encountered in whaling documents.

Special topics
Extended articles on particular Arctic whaling topics from the encyclopaedia.

Annotated Bibliography
An outline of literature on Arctic whaling, listed alphabetically by author, annotated with brief notes on contents and cross-referenced to the Special topics section.

Key references
Abstracts, transcripts and summaries of key research books, papers etc. that are not otherwise readily available.

An concise relational database incorporating data drawn from original contemporary records, (including ships’ logbooks and journals), archive lists and published literature.  

Arctic whaling art
Illustrations of whaling ships, whaling scenes, portraits and other examples of art inspired by the British whaling industry.
Genealogy of British whalers
A guide to records of masters, officers and seamen involved in British whaling, including muster lists, journals and published accounts.  
Whom to contact for further information relating to the website and database.

Updated: 29 December, 2014

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