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Living costs

The University of Hull is based in one of the best value for money areas in the country.

Prices in both Hull and Scarborough are some 30-40% lower than in London and it is is cheaper to live here than in many university cities across northern Europe or the USA

However, no matter which way you cut it, most students have to manage on a low income. You can get help by taking out a student loan which doesn't have to be paid back until after you've graduated and you are earning £15k+ per year. Visit support for more information.

It is possible to leave university without being crippled by debit if you plan carefully. Plan a weekly or monthly budget and try to be as realistic as possible (it can be easy to underestimate how much you spend on entertainment, travel and food every week).

Some of the things to consider on a budget are:

rent or fees for halls, utility bills (gas, electric etc), phone, food, toiletries, clothes, laundry, insurance for your belongings, TV license, travel, socialising and of course books and stationery.

One way of supplementing a student loan is by finding a part-time job. The Students' Union runs the Job Exchange, which can help you find work with 'student-friendly' employers.

Our Student Welfare team can help you if you need more advice on budgeting including our loans and hardship team

Download the Cost of Living Guide for international students

The Cost of Living Guide is especially designed to help you work out how much it will cost you to study at the University of Hull.

Download PDF (PDF 225kb)

Course costs

Information on course costs including information on top up fees etc