Archival Collections: Alphabetical List

The reference code of a collection is given after the collection name - please use the reference code if you make an enquiry about the collection. Information is also given about any access restrictions applying to a collection, including whether it has been catalogued. Uncatalogued collections are not normally available to researchers. This list has been updated to February 2007.

We are now adding PDF versions of each individual catalogue to this list, as an alternative to searching the online database.

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35th City of Westminster Sea Scouts - DPW/73

92 Committee - DPW/37

Academic Freedom and Democracy, Council for See Council for Academic Freedom and Democracy

Action for Peace, Hull - DX/225

Acts of Parliament, Local - DP/175

Adam, Forbes, family, of Escrick See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

Addison, Pennyman and Consett, families - DPE

Adult Education Department, University of Hull - ADU

Africa Centre - DPW/48/1-32

Agerskow, Christian, trawler skipper, of Hull - DX/117

Air Crash Investigations (G W Gregory) - DGR

Aldred, Guy A - DX/78/9-11

Alec-Smith, Adelaide (nee Horsley) - DAS/25/1-3 [closed]

Alec-Smith, Alexander - DAS/25/1-3 [closed]

Alec-Smith, Rupert Alexander, of Winestead - DAS [30 year closure period; some uncatalogued papers]

Amalgamated Slaters, Tilers and Roofing Operatives Society, Hull Branch - DSS

Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Shipwrights, Blacksmiths and Structural Workers, Hull No.1 Branch - DX/116

Amalgamated Society of Whitesmiths, Hull Branch - DP/161

Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, Hull District - DX/154

Ammon, Charles George, Lord Ammon of Camberwell - DMN

Amos and Smith Limited - DEW(2)/16

Andrew, Thomas, wheelwright, joiner and undertaker, of Swanland - DX/184

Anglican Evangelical Group Movement - DEM

Anglo Mauritian Society - DPW/48/33-37

Anglo Rhodesian Society - DPW/48/60-74

Anglo Somali Society - DPW/48/38-45

Anglo South African Parliamentary Group - DPW/48/46-52

Anti-Vietnam War movement - DYO/12; DMK/1/213-228

Antwerp Steamship Company - DEW(2)/17

Antwerp Quay Limited - DEW(2)/17

Arden's Vaults - DP/16

Arnot, Robin Page - DAR, DAR(2)

Aske, family, of Aughton - DX/55

Associated Humber Lines - DEW(2)/18

Association of British Counties - DAB [uncatalogued]

Association for the Protection of Sea Birds - DSB

Atkinson, Frank - DX/226

Attorney General vs. Constable - DCC

Avebury, Lord See Lubbock, Eric

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Bagehot, Walter - DX/123

Baier, Otto - DX/118

Bailey and Leetham Line - DEW(2)/19

Baines, family, of Bell Hall, Naburn - DDBH

Baines, Esther Mary - DDBH/26/19; 29/39

Baines, Lt. Henry - DDBH/27/1

Baines, Cpt. Henry - DDBH/26/9; 29/18-19

Baines, Col. Hewley John, Mary (wife) and Mary (daughter) - DDBH/24/3; 26/1-3

Baines, Hewley John - DDBH/26/10; 27/3

Baines, Hewley Mortimer, and Mary (née Askwith) - DDBH/26/4-8, 11-13

Baines, Mary Ann Verdon - DDBH/26/27-28

Baines, William Mortimer - DDBH/26/11-28; 27/5

Baines, William Philip - DDBH/26/25

Bainton, John, of Arram Hall - DDKG/228-230

Balfour, Frank - DDFA(3)/6/26

Bamford, Professor Thomas William - DX/169/20-41, DX/172/1

Barback, Professor Ronald Henry - DX/159

Barnard, family, of South Cave - DDBA, DDBA(2)

Barnard, Charles Edward Gee Boldero - DDBA(2)/16/4

Barnard, Leuyns Boldero - DDBA(2)/15/9

Barnard, Sophia Letitia - DDCV(2)/54

Barnes-Lawrence, Rev. C - DSB/222

Barnes-Lawrence, Rev. A L - DSB/203-221

Barrow-on-Humber Town's Book - DX/3

Barton family, of Scarborough - DP/204

Bassett, Dr David Kenneth - DBA; DBA(2)

Beaumont (Stapleton), family, of Carlton Towers - DDCA, DDCA(2), DDCA(3), DDCA(4)

Beaumont, Henry (Stapleton), 9th Lord - DDCA(2)/52/8; DDCA(3)/14

Beaumont, Mary Ethel, Lady - DDCA(3)/15

Beaumont, Miles Thomas (Stapleton), 8th Lord - DDCA(2)/52/6-7

Beaumont, Mona Josephine, Lady, (née Tempest) - DDCA(3)/16

Beaumont, Violet, Lady, (née Isaacson) - DDCA(2)/52/9

Beilby, family See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

Bell Hall, Baines family of, See Baines, family, of Bell Hall

Bench Books, Hull Corporation See Hull Corporation Bench Books

Benton, Phyllis, (née Windsor-Clive) - DDFA(3)/6/4

Beresford, Professor Maurice Warwick - DX/177

Beverley and Barmston Drainage - DP/19-22; DDSQ(3)/22

Beverley and East Riding Cricket Club - DDCB(3)/1-4

Beverley handbills and posters - DX/150

Beverley Heritage Alliance - DBE

Beverley Minster open space campaign - DBE

Beverley St. Mary Easter Book - DX/14

Bickerton, Francis Howard - DDFA(3)/6/74

Binnington, family, of North Dalton - DDCV(2)/55

Bishop Burton, Gee (Hall/Watt), family of See Gee (Hall/Watt), family, of Bishop Burton

Blanchard, family, of Middleton-on-the-Wolds - DDCV(2)/56

Bloomfield, Barry Cambray - DX/213

Boilermakers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders Society, Hull and District - DX/168

Bose, Subhas Chandra - DX/223

Bosville-Macdonald, family, of Thorpe (and Sleat) - DDBM, DDBM(2), DDBM(3)

Bosville, Diana, (née Wentworth) - DDBM/32/7

Bosville, Godfrey (1654-1714) - DDBM/32/1

Bosville, Godfrey (1717-1784) - DDBM/32/8

Bosville-Macdonald, Alexander William Robert - DDBM/32/15

Bosville-Macdonald, Lt. Col. Godfrey, 3rd Lord Macdonald - DDBM/32/13-14; DDBM(2)/1-10

Boyd Line Ltd. [uncatalogued]

Boyd Line Management Services Ltd. [uncatalogued]

Boyle, J R - DX/28

Boyle's Transcripts See Boyle, J R

Boynton, Wickham-, family, of Burton Agnes See Wickham-Boynton, family, of Burton Agnes

Boynton, Sir Francis - DDWB(2)/8/1; 9/1; 13

Bridgeman, Reginald - DBN - view pdf version of catalogue

British Association Sovereign Military Order of Malta See Knights of Malta

British Campaign for Peace in Vietnam - DYO/12

British Council for Peace in Vietnam See British Campaign for Peace in Vietnam

British Records Association - DRA

British Section of the International Commission of Jurists See Justice

British Sub Aqua Club - DPW/74; DPW/79

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection - DBV; DBV(2) [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued records]

Broadley, Robert, merchant, of Hull - DP/146

Brocklebank, Jack - DBK

Brook, Dr Charles W - DX/78

Brook, John - DP/164

Brooks, Dr F W - DBR

Bruton, Dr Roy - DRB

Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull - LIB [closed from 1985 onwards]

Buckman, Sydney S and Maud - DX/113

Buckton, George, merchant, of Hull - DX/93

Burntisland Engineers and Fabricators Limited - DEW(2)/20

Burrell, Louie - DBU

Burton, family, of Cherry Burton - DDCB, DDCB(2)

Burton, David - DDCB/25

Burton, David Fowler - DDCB/26

Burton, Lt. Gen. Napier Christie - DDCV(2)/57

Burton Agnes, Wickham-Boynton, family, of See Wickham-Boynton, family, of Burton Agnes

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Campaign for Labour Party Democracy - DX/222/1-4 [30 year closure period]

Cankrien, family, of Molescroft - DDCV/209

Capek, Karel and Josef - DHL/9

Carlton Towers, Beaumont (Stapleton), family of See Beaumont (Stapleton), family, of Carlton Towers

Chalmers, George - DDEV/72

Charteris, Evan - DDFA(3)/5/9

Cherry Burton, Burton, family of See Burton, family, of Cherry Burton

Chichester, Sir Charles - DDCH - view pdf version of catalogue

Chichester, Lady Mary Barbara - DDCH - view pdf version of catalogue

Chile Committee for Human Rights - DX/185/6-7

Chile Solidarity Campaign - DX/185/1-5

Chinese Information Bureau - DBN/3

Christendom Trust [uncatalogued]

City of Westminster Sea Cadet Unit - DPW/75

Clegg, Michael - DCG; DCG(2)

Clubley, family, of Beverley - DDCV/211

Coates, Sir Clive Milnes See Milnes-Coates, Sir Clive

Cobden Trust See National Council for Civil Liberties

Cockroft, Wilfred - DCK

Cockcroft Committee (on Teaching of Mathematics) - DCK

Cole, Margaret - DX/70/4, DX/198/1; DAR/1/14; DJS; DLB

Collier, Rev. Carus Vale - DP/135

Collingwood, Miss C, schoolteacher, of Hull - DX/164

Colonial Information Bureau - DBN/26

Commission for Local Administration in England and Wales - DX/136

Committee of Inquiry into the Teaching of Mathematics in Schools - DCK

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association - DPW/38

Communist Party of Great Britain - DAR(2)/10

Communist Party of Great Britain, Hull Branch - DCP

Confederation of Sailmakers/Shipconstructors and Shipwrights' Associations, Hull Sailmakers Branch - DP/161

Conscription Fellowship, No See No Conscription Fellowship

Conservative Overseas Bureau - DPW/39

Conservative Party Policy Group on Southern Africa - DPW/48/54-57

Consett, family See Addison, Pennyman and Consett, families

Constable vs. Attorney General See Attorney General vs. Constable

Constable-Maxwell, family, of Everingham, and Terregles and Caerlaverock - DDEV, DDEV(2) [50 year closure period, plus 100 year closure period for accounts and rentals]

Constable, Sir Marmaduke - DDEV/60/2, 11-15, 87-89

Constable, Sir Philip - DDEV/56/397-406; DDEV/60/10

Constable, William Haggerston - DDEV/56/342-343

Constable, William Haggerston Maxwell - DDEV/60/20

Constable-Maxwell, Angela Mary Charlotte, (Lady Herries) (née Fitzalan Howard) - DDEV/61/36-40; DDEV2/10

Constable-Maxwell, Marmaduke Francis, (11th Lord Herries) - DDEV/56/372-377, 385-389; 60/31, 36; 61/33-35, 41-42; 68/53; DDEV2/9

Constable-Maxwell, Marmaduke William - DDEV/56/344-348; 60/29; 61/1-2; 68/45-46

Constable-Maxwell, Teresa - DDEV/60/32

Constable-Maxwell, William, (10th Lord Herries) - DDEV/56/349-371, 390-392, 541; 60/30; 61/3-32; 68/47-50

Constable-Maxwell, William (1841-1903) - DDEV2/11

Conyers, Jane - DDCV(2)/78/2

Co-operative Productive Federation - DCF - view pdf version of catalogue

Co-operative Society, Hull and East Riding See Hull and East Riding Co-operative Society Limited

Co-operative Women's Guild - DCW - view pdf version of catalogue-, DX/148

Co-operative Women's Guild, International See International Women's Co-operative Guild

Cordeaux, John - DCR

Cormack, Sir Patrick - DPK [50 year closure period]

Corrigan, Philip - DPC

Cottingham Deeds - DCM

Cottingham Grange See Ringrose, family

Council for Academic Freedom and Democracy - DAF [uncatalogued]

Council of Europe - DPW/64/236-251

Courtney, family, of Beverley - DDX/60

Crackles, Eva - DEC [uncatalogued]

Crampton, Peter, MEP - DCN [30 year closure period]

Crust, Todd, and Mills - DDCV, DDCV(2) [30 year closure period]

Cycling for Women - DX/113

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Dalley, Frederick William - DDA

Dalton, Hugh - DPB/14-18

Davis, Fanny - DP/195

Dealtry, family, of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire - DDCV/210

Denby Colliery - DDCV/187/1-32

Dickson Orde & Co. - DNE/82-103

Dictionary of Labour Biography - DLB

Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research See Hadwen, Dr, Trust for Humane Research

Duesbery, family, of Scarborough, Kilham and Beverley - DDDU

Duesbery, Robert - DDDU/19/1-2; DDDU/20/1, 4, 6, 8

Duesbery, Thomas - DDDU/20/9

Duncombe, Sir George and Lady - DDCV(2)/58

Dunn, Douglas - DDD, DP/177/2, 183, 184, 189

Dunning, family, of Walkington - DDCV(2)/59

Dunnington-Jefferson, family, of Thorganby - DDJ

Dunnington-Jefferson, Rev. Joseph - DDJ/40/4-10

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Earle's Shipbuilding and Engineering Company - DEA

East Riding Clergy Charitable Society - DDCV(2)/81

East Riding Co-operative Society Limited See Hull and East Riding Co-operative Society Limited

East Riding Teachers' Scientific Society - DX/147

Eastwood, Granville (Harold Laski) - DES

East Yorkshire Action Group - DEY [uncatalogued]

El Salvador Solidarity Campaign - DX/185/8

Elcock, Dr Howard - DX/141/1-2 

Ellerman and Wilson Lines Agency Company Limited, Trieste - DEW(2)/21

Ellerman's Wilson Line - DEW, DEW(2) [Data Protection Act applies]

Ellerman's Wilson Line Insurance Limited - DEW(2)/22

Ellerman's Wilson Line New York Incorporated - DEW(2)/23

Ellis, John, MP - DME [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Empson, William and Hetta - DEN; DEN(2); DEN(3)

Empson family, of Yokefleet - DYK [uncatalogued]

Escrick, Forbes Adam, family of, See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

'Espinasse, Margaret - DEP [uncatalogued]

'Espinasse, Professor Paul G - DX/127; DX/299

Evangelical Group Movement, Anglican See Anglican Evangelical Group Movement

Evans, Canon Stanley - DEV, DEV(2)

Everingham, Constable-Maxwell, family of See Constable-Maxwell, family, of Everingham, and Terregles and Caerlaverock

Ewart, Gavin - DP/163

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Fawcett, Benjamin - DX/21

Fawsitt, Ferguson-, family, of Walkington See Ferguson-Fawsitt, family, of Walkington

Ferens, Thomas Robinson - DX/96, DX/171

Ferguson-Fawsitt, family, of Walkington - DDFF, DDFF(2)

Flamborough, Ogle, family of See Ogle, family, of Flamborough

Fletcher, Fred - DFF; DFF(2)

Floud, Bernard, MP - DFL [Data Protection Act applies]

Forbes-Adam, family, of Escrick (Barons Wenlock/Beilby/Lawley/Thompson, families) - DDFA, DDFA(2), DDFA(3), DDFA(4), DDFA(5), DDFA(6), DDFA(7) [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Forbes-Adam, Colin - DDFA(3)/6/60

Forbes-Adam, Irene (née Lawley) - DDFA(3)/5/35; 6

Forbes-Adam, Timothy - DDFA(3)/6/78

Forsyth-Major, Charles Immanuel - DFM/6

Forsyth-Major, Major O A - DFM

Foulis, family, of Buckton - DP/166

Fox, George - DRO

Freedom to roam movement - DHH/1

Freeman, Edward Augustus - DX/9

Freyberg, Barbara, Lady (née Jekyll) - DDFA(3)/6/5

Friendly Society Records - DFR; DX/187/2, 256, 294

Friends of Malta - DPW/58/1-79

Friends of Rhodesia See Anglo Rhodesian Society

Furness-Leyland Line See Wilsons' and Furness-Leyland Line Limited

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Gallagher, William, MP - DAR/7

Gee (Hall/Watt), family, of Bishop Burton - DDGE, DDGE(2)

General and Municipal Workers' Union, Hull No.1 Branch - DX/102

Georgian Society for East Yorkshire - DX/99

Godber, John [uncatalogued]

Good, John & Sons - DGO

Good, Professor Ronald D'Oyley - DX/214

Grattan, family - DDLA/39

Grattan, Henry - DDLA/39

Grattan, James - DDLA/39/5

Greame, Lloyd-, family, of Sewerby See Lloyd-Greame, family, of Sewerby

Greendale, Walter (Trades Union Congress) - DTU [30 year closure period]

Gregory, G W (Air Crash Investigations) - DGR

Grenfell, Ethel, (Lady Desborough) - DDFA(3)/5/13

Grimston, family, of Neswick - DGN, DDCV(2)/60

Grotrian, Frederick Brent - DX/82

Grotrian, Herbert Brent - DX/82

Gulf of Suez Steamship Company Limited - DEW(2)/31

Gunner, Colin - DP/179

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Hadwen, Dr, Trust for Humane Research - DBV/34, DBV(2)/29

Haggerston, Sir Carnaby - DDEV/60/16, 18

Hall, George Henry, 1st Viscount - DX/84/1-12

Hall, John and William - DDHO/13/11-12

Handley, Jane - DDCV(2)/61

Hangers Paints Limited - DEW(2)/35

Harber, Denzil Dean - DDH

Hardy, Sir Alister - DX/175

Harford, family, of Holme on Spalding Moor - DDHA

Harpham, St. Quintin, family of, See St. Quintin, family, of Harpham

Harrison, John, Line - DEW(2)/17

Harrison, Thomas - DDBH/26/24

Hartley, Jean [uncatalogued]

Hastings, Somerville - DSH [uncatalogued]

Haston, Jock (Revolutionary Communist Party) - DJH

Hattersley, Sir Roy, MP - DRH [30 year closure period; some uncatalogued papers]

Hay, William, druggist, of Hull - DX/95

Hazell, Bert - DX/246

Heaven, F C - DX/37

Hemingborough Hall and Tate Trust See Tate Trust and Hemingborough Hall

Hibbert, Kenneth - DX/176

Hill, Howard - DHH

Hinderwell, Thomas - DDDU/20/7

Hobson, John Atkinson - DHN

Holderness, Seigniory of See Moore, H Stuart (Holderness)

Holme on Spalding Moor, Langdale, family of, See Langdale, family, of Holme on Spalding Moor

Hooley, Frank, MP - DMH [Data Protection Act applies]

Hope Iron Works, Hull - DX/60

Horrabin, Winifred - DWH; DX/283

Horsley, Smith and Company - DHS

Hotham, family, of Scorborough and South Dalton - DDHO, DDHO(2), DDHO(3)

Hotham, Sir Beaumont, 7th Baronet - DDHO/13/5

Hotham, Beaumont, 3rd Lord - DDHO/8; DDHO/13/11-12

Hotham, Sir Charles, 4th Baronet - DDHO/13/4; DDHO/15/3-4, 8

Hotham, Sir Charles, 5th Baronet - DDHO/3

Hotham, Sir Charles, 4th Lord - DDHO/10; DDHO/13/16

Hotham, Lady Elizabeth - DDHO/13/1; DDHO/15/2

Hotham, Lady Frances - DDHO/13/6-10; DDHO/18/6-12; DDHO/19/3-5; DDHO/20/56-57

Hotham, Admiral Sir Henry - DDHO/7; DDHO/13/8, 15

Hotham, Henry Edward - DDHO/11; DDHO/13/18

Hotham, Henry John - DDHO/13/9; DDHO/18/4-5

Hotham, Sir John, 1st Baronet - DDHO/1; DDHO/13/1

Howard, Charles (and family), of Melbourne - DHD

Howie, Will, MP - DMO [Data Protection Act applies]

Hudson, John, merchant, of Scarborough - DX/251

Hudson, John Conyers - DDCV/212

Hull Action for Peace - DX/225

Hull Amalgamated Slaters See Amalgamated Slaters, Hull Branch

Hull and East Riding Co-operative Society Limited - DHC - view pdf version of catalogue; DX/293

Hull Corporation Bench Books - DX/5/8-10, DX/28/5-7

Hull Co-operative Society Limited See Hull and East Riding Co-operative Society Limited

Hull Dock Company - DX/84/14-17, Mic.237-238, 332

Hull Fabian Society - DX/217

Hull Garrison - DX/4; DX/250

Hull Keel and Lighter Company Limited - DEW(2)/25

Hull Labour Party - DLP [uncatalogued]; DX/124 [30 year closure period]

Hull Literary Club - DLC

Hull Printers Limited - DHP - view pdf version of catalogue

Hull Quaker Housing Association - DHQ [50 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Hull Subscription Library - DSL

Hull Trinity House - DTR

Hulme, Thomas Ernest - DHU - view pdf version of catalogue

Humber Conservancy Board - DEW(2)/24; DX/226

Hutton, family, of Beverley - DUT; DDCV/213

Hutton, William, of Beverley - DUT

Hymers, Rev. John - DDCV/214

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Institute of Journalists - DPW/76

International Commission of Jurists See Justice

International Finance Society Limited - DFS

International Peace Campaign - DYO/10

International Women's Co-operative Guild - DCX - view pdf version of catalogue

Inter-Parliamentary Union - DPW/64/252-328

Jackson, Stamp, and Sons See Stamp, Jackson and Sons

Jackson, Peter, MP - DMJ [Data Protection Act applies]

James, Cyril Lionel Robert - DJH/21

Jaspan, Professor Mervyn Aubrey - DJA; DJA(2)

Jefferson, Dunnington-, family, of Thorganby See Dunnington-Jefferson, family, of Thorganby

Jessop, Dora - DJP/43-54, DJP(2)

Jessop, Professor Thomas Edmund - DJP, DJP(2)

Johnson, Francis F, of Bridlington - DFJ [uncatalogued]

Johnson, James, MP - DJJ [uncatalogued]

Joint Africa Board - DPW/48/75-110

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants - DJC [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued records]

Joint East and Central African Board See Joint Africa Board

Jones, Sir Brynmor - DBJ [uncatalogued]

Jones, William Ernest - DJO

Jowitt, William Allen, 1st Earl Jowitt - DPB/7-13

Jupp-Thomas, Audrey - DJT

Justice (British Section of the International Commission of Jurists) - DJU [30 year closure period; some uncatalogued records]

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Kaffraria , S.S. (Ship) - DP/178/2

Kay and Backhouse Limited, York - DX/122/2-22

Kellet, Colonel John - DUT/7

Kerr, Anne, MP - DMK [Data Protection Act applies]

Key Warehousing and Transport Company Limited - DEW(2)/27

Keyingham Level Drainage - DDCV/89

Kilham, Duesbury, family, of Kilham See Duesbury, family, of Kilham

King, Professor Herbert - DDKG

Kingston Ecclesiological Society - DX/79/2-10

Kirk Ella Estate - DDKE

Kirkby, Christopher and Mark - DDSY/101/90

Knaresborough, Rev. John - DDEV/67/1-4

Knights of Malta - DPW/77

Konody, Paul George - DX/126

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Labour Party, Hull - DLP [uncatalogued]; DX/124 [30 year closure period]

Labour Party, Yorkshire Regional Council - DX/222/5-9 [30 year closure period]

Labour Solidarity Campaign - DRH/1 [30 year closure period]; uncatalogued records from Diane Hayter

Langdale, family, of Holme on Spalding Moor - DDHA; DDLA

Langdale, Hon.Charles - DDLA/35/1-8

Langley, family, of North Grimston - DDCV/215

Larkin, Eva - DLN/2

Larkin, Philip Arthur - DP/174, 176-177, 179, 181, 182, 188, 190, 193-194, 198, 207; DX/73, 176/22-23, 193/1, 204/1, 213, 257, 261, 270, 281; DPL, DPL(2), DPL(3) [30 year closure period]; LIB [closed from 1985 onwards]

Larkin, Sydney - DLN/1 [war diaries closed]

Larkin family - DLN [30 year closure period]

Laski, Harold - DLA See also Eastwood, Granville

Lawley, family, See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

Lawley, Francis and Louisa - DDFA(3)/1/5; 2/1

Lawley, Rev. the Hon. Stephen - DDFA(3)/2; 1/2

League Against Imperialism - DBN/25; 19

Lees-Smith, Hastings Bertrand - DLS

Leishman, James Blair - DX/72

Lewis, Councillor F Henry Victor - DLE

Liberty - DCL [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued records]

Liddell, Adolphus George Charles - DDFA(3)/5/3

Lindquist, Captain William Henry - DX/221

Lloyd, J Henry - DHL

Lloyd-Greame, family, of Sewerby - DDLG, DDLG(2)

Lloyd-Greame, Rev. Yarburgh Gamaliel - DDLG/46/15-16; 48/21, 39, 43; 51/80-88

Local Acts of Parliament - DP/175

Lockwood, John, of Beverley - DDJL

Londesborough, Earls of, Yorkshire Estates - DDLO, DDLO(2)

London and East Riding Marine Insurance Company Limited - DEW(2)/28

London and Kingston Marine Re-Insurance Company Limited - DEW(2)/29

London Sailing Project See London Scout County

London Scout County - DPW/78

London Scout and Guide Underwater Association - DPW/79

Lord, N C - DPE

Lubbock, Eric (4th Baron Avebury) - DML [Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued papers]

Lytton, Pamela, Countess of - DDFA(3)/5/17-18; 6/30

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Macdonald, Bosville, family, of Thorpe (and Sleat) See Bosville Macdonald, family, of Thorpe (and Sleat)

McGough, Roger - DX/92

MacMahon, Kenneth A - DDMM, DDMM(2)

McMasters (Haulage) Limited - DEW(2)/30

McNamara, Kevin, MP - DMC [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued papers]

Maister, family - DAS/26; DP/82

Manning, Dame Elizabeth Leah - DX/265

Market Weighton and Wallingfen Drainage and Canal - DDJ/34/64-85

Maritime Transportation Limited - DEW(2)/31

Markham, Archie E - DAM [uncatalogued]

Marley, Col. Thomas - DDLA/39/12-18

Marrick Priory - DDCA(2)/29

Marrison, Dr Geoffrey - DGM [uncatalogued]

Marshall, R (Patrington) - DPA

Marshall and Boyd (Hope Iron Works, Hull) - DX/60

Marten, General Thomas, and family, of Beverley - DDCV/216

Marvell, Andrew - DX/72/1-8; DDFA/39/26-29

Marxist Group - DJH/5

Marx Memorial Library - DAR(2)/11

Masefield, John - DP/187

Mathematics, Teaching of, Cockcroft Committee on See Cockcroft Committee (on Teaching Mathematics)

Maurice B Reckitt Trust See Christendom Trust

Maxwell-Constable, family, of Everingham and Terregles and Caerlaverock See Constable, family, of Everingham, and Terregles and Caerlaverock

Maxwell, William, (5th Earl of Nithsdale) - DDEV/60/17, 76/17

Maxwell, Winefred (Countess of Nithsdale) - DDEV/76/17

Maynard, Joan - DX/248 [written permission of author necessary]

Medical Association, Socialist See Socialist Medical Association

Messer, Sir Frederick - DX/84/19

Meyerstein, Edward Harry William - DX/56

Militant Group - DJH/2

Mills See Crust, Todd and Mills

Milnes-Coates, Sir Clive - DDMC

Miners' Federation of Great Britain - DAR/3, DAR(2)/3

Miscarriages of justice campaigns - DMU

Mission to Seafarers See Mission to Seamen

Mission to Seamen - DMS

Mitchell, Austin, MP - DMM [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued papers]

Monday Club - DPW/40 [30 year closure period]

Moon, Brenda - DX/257

Moore, H Stuart (Holderness) - DHO

Moreby, Preston family of See Preston, family, of Moreby

Morgan, Professor A E - DX/183

Morley, Elliot, MP - DMY [30 year closure period]

Morris, Rev. Francis Orpen - DX/21; DP/180

Morris, Rev. Marmaduke Charles Frederick - DX/21; DP/180

Morris, William - DAR(2)/6, 12

Motion, Andrew - DP/165; DP/207

Mullin, Chris, MP - DMU [Data Protection Act applies]

Murray, Dr David Stark - DX/142

Muschamp, C Emma (née Stamp), and Annie - DDCV/217

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Naburn, Palmes, family of See Palmes, family, of Naburn

National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers, Hull and District Association - DSA [Data Protection Act applies]

National Council for Civil Liberties See Liberty

National Council of Labour Colleges - DX/70/5-20

National Minority Movement - DX/218

National Unemployed Workers' Movement - DX/70/21; DBN/20

National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers - DBK; DX/245-246

National Union of Clerks, Hull Branch - DP/161

National Union of Operative Heating and Domestic Engineers, Whitesmiths and General Ironworkers, Hull Branch - DP/161

NCCL See National Council for Civil Liberties

Needlers Limited - DNE, DNE(2)

Neswick, Grimston family of See Grimston, family, of Neswick

New Review - DP/168

Nicholl, Robert - DX/199

Nicholson, Hubert - DNI [uncatalogued]

No Conscription Fellowship, Willesden Branch - DCO

Noel, Rev. Conrad - DNO, DNO(2)

Noel, Roden - DNO/1; DX/267

North Atlantic Assembly - DPW/41 [30 year closure period]

Norcliffe, family (Lord) See Lord, N C

O'Brien, Rev. Dr James Thomas, Bishop of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin (and family) - DDLG/53

Ogle, family, of Flamborough - DOG

O'Kelly, Col. Dennis - DDLA/40

Origo, Iris (Marchesa Val D'Orcia) (née Cutting) - DDFA(3)/6/42

Out of Joint Theatre Company - DOJ [uncatalogued]

Outposts - DSG [uncatalogued]

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Page Arnot, Robin See Arnot, Robin Page

Palmes, family, of Naburn - DDPA, DDPA(2)

Parish Records (Fridaythorpe, Halsham, Owthorne, South Frodingham, Sproatley, Thearne, Welwick and Withernsea) - PR

Parish register transcripts:

Hedon - DX/5/2 Hull (Holy Trinity and St. Mary's) - DX/5/3-6 Sculcoates - DX/5/7

Parity - DPY [uncatalogued]

Parker, Leonard - DDFA(3)/6/13

Parkin, Ben, MP - DBP, DBP(2)

Parkin, Rev. Harry - DPN

Patrington (R Marshall) See Marshall, R (Patrington)

Peart-Binns, John S (M B Reckitt, Percy Widdrington, Lord Jowitt, Hugh Dalton) - DPB

Pembroke, George, Earl of, - DDFA(3)/5/6

Pennington, family, of Warter - DDWA, DDWA(2)

Pennington, Sir Joseph - DDWA/12/1-4

Pennyman, family See Addison, Pennyman and Consett, families

Pery, Mark (Edmund, 5th Earl of Limerick) - DDFA(3)/6/27

Peterloo Poets Series - DP/162

Phoenix - DP/162

Pickering and Hull Monthly Meeting See Quaker records

Pindar, Peter - DX/41/2

Plater, Alan - DPR [DPR/9 closed; some uncatalogued papers]

Platts-Mills, John, QC - DPM [uncatalogued]

Plymouth, Alberta, Countess of - DDFA(3)/5/16

Polish-British Steamship Company - DEW(2)/32

Poll tax transcripts - DX/177

Poole, H H, Limited - DEW(2)/17

Port Emergency Committee, Hull - DEW(2)/33

Prescott, John, MP - DMR [written permission of John Prescott necessary; Data Protection Act applies; some uncatalogued papers]

Preston, family, of Moreby - DDPR

Preston, Henry - DDPR/50/16-24, 26

Preston, Maria Ann (née Crompton) - DDPR/50/25-27, 29-30

Preston, Rev. Thomas - DDPR/50/3-14

Preston, Thomas Henry - DDPR/50/18-21

Preston, William - DDPR/50/2

Price, Christopher, MP - DMP [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Pro Fide - DPW/26/1-87

Pursey, Commander Harry - DPU [uncatalogued]

Quaker records (Pickering and Hull Monthly Meeting) - DQR, DQR(2), DQR(3) [50 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Quintin, St., family, of Harpham See St. Quintin, family, of Harpham

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Radford, Samuel Richard - DDCV/218

Raines, family, of Hull - DDCV(2)/62

Rational Dress Movement - DX/113

Reality Studios - DRS [uncatalogued]

Reckitt family [uncatalogued]

Reckitt, Isaac - DRA/618-629

Reckitt, Maurice B See Peart-Binns, John S

Revolutionary Communist Party (Haston) - DJH; DX/211

Revolutionary Socialist League - DJH/13

Riddell family - DRI

Ridley, Ursula, Lady (née Lutyens) - DDFA(3)/6/77

Rigby, Rev.Robert, vicar of St. Mary's, Beverley - DDDU/23/11-50

Ringrose, family, of Cottingham Grange - DCM

Robb Caledon Shipbuilders Limited - DEW(2)/34

Robinson Family, of Sunderland See Burton family, of Cherry Burton

Robinson, Frank - DX/245

Robinson, Ralph - DDCB/24/1, 4

Robinson, Sarah, (née Hicks) DDCB/24/23-36

Rodd, Francis, (Lord Rennell of the Rodd) - DDFA(3)/6/28

Roll, Lady Freda, (née Taylor) - DX/253

Rose, Joseph - DDSY/10/62; DDSY(3)/5/1; 6/1; 8/1

Rose, Downs and Thompson Limited, of Hull - DX/201

Ross, Hugh McGregor - DRO

Royal Marines - DPW/69

Royal Yacht Squadron - DPW/80

Ruskin, John - DP/7-12; DX/2

Russell, Rex - DX/229

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St. Mary, Beverley See Beverley St. Mary

St. Quintin, family, of Harpham - DDSQ, DDSQ(2), DDSQ(3)

Sackville-West, Victoria (Vita) - DDFA(3)/6/75

Sanderson, Oswald - DEW(2)/14

Saville, Professor John - DJS [uncatalogued]

Scaffardi, Sylvia - DSF

Scarborough College of Arts See University College, Scarborough

Scarlett, family - DDLA/41

Scarlett, Elizabeth Virgo - DDLA/41

School log books, inventories, registers and rules - DX/169/46-58

Scottish Miners' Federation - DAR/4, DAR(2)/4

SDF See Social Democratic Federation

SEA LINK - DPW/64/329-339 [30 year closure period]

Selby Abbey - DDLO/20, DWE

Select Committee on Defence - DPW/43 [30 year closure period]

Sergeant, Howard - DSG [uncatalogued]

Sewerby, Lloyd-Greame, family of See Lloyd-Greame, family, of Sewerby

SHAPEX - DPW/34/340-346 [30 year closure period]

Shaw, George Bernard - DFM/7

Sheerman, Barry, MP - DMS [uncatalogued]

Shepherd, Henry John - DDSH, DDSH(2), DDSH(3)

Sherburne, family - DDEV/69

Sherburne, Richard - DDEV/60/7

Sherburne, Robert - DDEV/60/3

Sledmere, Sykes family of See Sykes, family, of Sledmere

Sledmere Stud - DDSY(4)/11

SMA See Socialist Medical Association

Smith, Horsley and Company See Horsley Smith and Company

Smith, H, brewer and maltster, of Hull - DP/178/3

Smith, P - DX/76

Smith, Rupert Alexander Alec- See Alec-Smith, Rupert Alexander

Smith, Stevie - DP/156; DP/197; DP/209

Social Democratic Federation See Brook, Dr Charles W

Social Democratic Party, Beverley and Haltemprice - DSD, DSD(2) [Data Protection Act applies]

Socialist Health Association - DSM, DSM(2), DSM(3) [Data Protection Act applies]

Socialist Medical Association See Socialist Health Association

Socialist Workers Party, United States of America - DJH/16B

Society of Friends See Quaker Records

Soley, Clive, Lord [uncatalogued]

Sonus Press - DP/158

South Cave, Barnard family of See Barnard, family, of South Cave

South Dalton, Hotham family of See Hotham, family, of South Dalton

South East Asian Manuscripts - DSE; DJA; DDA

South Wales Miners' Federation - DAR/5, DAR(2)/5

Spectacular Diseases - DP/191

Stamp, Jackson and Sons - DSJ

Stapleton family, Lords Beaumont, of Carlton Towers See Beaumont, Lords, (Stapleton family), of Carlton Towers

Stapleton, Sir Miles - DDCA(2)/48/1-20

Stephenson, family, of Beverley - DDCV/15/255; DDCV(2)/64

Stopes, Dr Marie - DX/66

Storry Smithson and Company Limited - DEW(2)/35

Strickland Constable, family - DDCV(2)/65

Stuart Moore, E See Moore, E Stuart

Subscription Library, Hull See Hull Subscription Library

Sun Fire Office, Hull District - DX/43

Sutton, James Ballard- DP/174; DP/182

Sutton, Southcoates and Drypool Gas and Light Company - DBR/8-9

Sword of the Spirit See Africa Centre

Sykes, family, of Sledmere - DSY; DDSY, DDSY(2), DDSY(3), DDSY(4) [30 year closure period; some uncatalogued papers]

Sykes, Sir Christopher, 2nd Baronet - DDSY/98/45, 142; 101/52-68; 102/3-26; DDSY(3)/4/2-3; 5/1, 11-14; 6/1; 7/73; 8/1, 73; 10/5, 8-9

Sykes, Lady Elizabeth - DDSY3/10/11

Sykes, Lady Henrietta - DDSY/102/57; DDSY(3)/6/4

Sykes, Lady Jessica - DDSY/101/81

Sykes, Joseph - DDKE; DDPR/50/32

Sykes, Rev. Sir Mark - DDSY/98/40-42; 101/48-51, 91; 102/60-61; DDSY(3)/2/11; 4/1

Sykes, Sir Mark - DDSY(2); DDSY/101/112-5, 121-122

Sykes, Sir Mark Masterman - DDSY/101/74; 102/56; DDSY(3)/6/2, 5; 8/6; 10/9

Sykes, Richard - DDSY/100/14-25; 101/47, 91; 102/1-2; DDSY(3)/1; 2/10; 10/4, 10

Sykes, Sir Tatton, 4th Baronet - DDSY/98/43-45; 101/69-73; 102/27-55; DDSY(3)/6/3

Sykes, Sir Tatton, 5th Baronet - DDSY/101/76-77, 92-111, 118-120

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Tarleton, Diana (née Alec-Smith) - DAS/25/4 [closed]

Tarling, Edward - DP/158

Tate Trust and Hemingborough Hall - DTT

Taylor family, of Scarborough - DX/258

Taylor, Professor Denis - DX/195

Tealby and Company Limited - DTE

Teaching of Mathematics, Cockcroft Committee on See Cockcroft Committee (on Teaching of Mathematics)

Tempest, family, of Bolton (Lancashire) - DDCA(2)/60; DDCA(4)

Tempest, Henry - DDCA(4)/7/1

Tempest, Henry Arthur Joseph - DDCA(4)/5

Tempest, Jemima (née de Trafford) - DDCA(4)/7/2-4

Thompson, family See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

Thompson, Sir Charles Hotham, 8th Baronet - DDHO/4

Thompson, Charles William - DTH/4

Thompson, Edith - DTH/5; DX/9

Thompson, Edward - DDFA/37/6

Thomspon, Henry - DDFA/37/1-5

Thompson, Thomas Perronet - DTH - view pdf version of catalogue

Thompson, William - DDHO/12

Thorganby, Dunnington-Jefferson, family of See Dunnington-Jefferson, family, of Thorganby

Thwaite, Anthony - DP/155, DP/181, DP/188

Todd See Crust, Todd and Mills

Tolley, Professor A T - DP/193; DX/281

Topham, Anthony John - DTO [some uncatalogued papers]

Torre, James - DDCV(2)/66

Trades Union Congress (Greendale) See Greendale, Walter (TUC)

Tranby Printers Limited - DEW(2)/36

Transport and General Workers' Union, Hull Area - DTG [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Treece, Henry - DX/259

Trinity House, Hull See Hull Trinity House

Trotsky Defence Committee - DJH/18

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UDC See Union of Democratic Control

Union of Democratic Control - DDC - view pdf version of catalogue; DX/215-216; DYO/11

Union of Women Teachers/National Association of Schoolmasters, Hull and District Association - DSA

United Kingdom Society of Coachmakers/National Union of Vehicle Builders, Hull Branch - DP/161

United Nations General Assembly - DPW/64/347-398

United Shipping Company Limited - DEW(2)/37

University College, Hull [30 year closure period, plus 60 year closure period for staff and student records]

University College, Scarborough - SCA [30 year closure period]

University of Hull [30 year closure period, plus 60 year closure period for staff and student records]

Usinger, Fritz - DX/86

Varley, Julia - DJV

Vernon, Betty - DVE [uncatalogued]

Vesey, Evelyn, (Viscountess De Vesci) - DDFA(3)/5/7

Vicky (Victor Weisz) - DP/172; DX/165-166

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Walker, family, of Sand Hutton - DDCV(2)/67

Walkington, Ferguson-Fawsitt, family of See Ferguson-Fawsitt, family, of Walkington

Wall, Sir Patrick MP - DPW [Data Protection Act applies]

Wansford Mill - DDSY/68/93-148

Wardle, John - DDCV(2)/68

Warter, Pennington, family of See Pennington, family, of Warter

Warton, Michael - DP/81

Watching Committee on Rhodesia - DPW/48/111-112

Watt (Gee/Hall), family, of Bishop Burton See Gee (Hall/Watt), family, of Bishop Burton

Wave - DP/158

Wawne, Windham of See Windham, of Wawne

Week, The - DX/149

Weisz, Victor See Vicky

Wenlock, Barons See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

Wenlock, Beilby Lawley, 3rd Lord - DDFA/36; DDFA(3)/4/1; 5/1

Wenlock, Beilby Richard Lawley, 2nd Lord - DDFA/39/53; 40/27

Wenlock, Caroline, Lady - DDFA(3)/1

Wenlock, Constance, Lady - DDFA(3)/5; 4/2; 6/1; 7/9

Wenlock, Elizabeth, Lady - DDFA(3)/4

Wenlock, Paul Beilby Thompson, 1st Lord - DDFA(3)/7/5

Western European Union - DPW/45 [30 year closure period]

Western Rational Dress Club - DX/113

Westminster City Council - DPW/46

Wentworth, family See Cholmley, family

Westrope, Frank and Myfanwy - DX/135

Whitaker, family - DDCV/219

White, Professor Alan - DAW

Whitesmiths, Amalgamated Society of, Hull Branch - DP/161

Wickham-Boynton, family, of Burton Agnes - DWB, DDWB, DDWB(2)

Widdrington, Percy See Peart-Binns, John S

Wilberforce, William - DP/6

Willesden, No Conscription Fellowship See No Conscription Fellowship (Willesden Branch)

William Morris Society - DAR(2)/12

Wilson, Eliza - DX/123

Wilson, Thomas - DEW/12

Wilson Line See Ellerman's Wilson Line

Wilson and Company, Gothenburg - DEW(2)/39

Wilsons' and Furness-Leyland Line Limited - DEW(2)/40

Wilsons' and North-Eastern Railway Shipping Company Limited - DEW(2)/41

Windham, family, of Wawne - DDWI

Winestead Level Drainage - DWI

Winnick, David, MP - DMW [30 year closure period; Data Protection Act applies]

Witham Navigation - DUT/9

Wolcot, John - DX/41/2

Women Against the Common Market - DMK/2

Women's Co-operative Guild - DCW, DX/148

Workers International League - DJH/14

Workers Party of the United States of America - DJH/16C

World Anti-Communist League - DPW/47

Wortley, family See Forbes Adam, family, of Escrick

Wortley, James Stuart and Jane (née Lawley) - DDFA(3)/3; 1/3

Yarburgh, Yarburgh (Greame) - DDLG/46/12, 14

Yeadon, Willie - DYE

Yokefleet, Empson family of, See Empson family of Yokefleet

York Theatre Royal Circuit - DP/208

Yorkshire Hussar Yeomanry - DDFA/40/58-70

Young, Amica More - DYO/12

Young, Commander Edgar P - DYO

Younge, Catherine, (née Langwith) - DDDU/20/7

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