The University of Hull

The Virtual Graduate School

The aim of the project is to develop a virtual graduate research school to enable University of Hull post graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and also new lecturers to develop and enhance their research skills.


The virtual graduate research school augments the physical research and methods training within the Business School it provides students with an accessible learning resource which they can return to as often as required during their own research journey. In particular, the virtual resource facilitates knowledge transfer from successful students and researchers to those with less experience. Without this, the knowledge gained from successful students and researchers is disseminated only across a narrow subject field and much of the "messiness" and complexities involved in their research process is lost as it is written up for publication. The virtual graduate research school has captured this knowledge through videoed interviews.

The virtual graduate school has the following features:

24hrs a day/7 days a week access to:

  • A range of learning and teaching resources on research methods.
  • General and subject specific resources on research and transferable skills.
  • A search tool to find resources that matter to you!
  • Resources are applicable to research students and early career researchers at any stage of their studies. By visiting the site multiple times different and new insights will be found.
  • Discussion boards focused on issues relevant to researchers.
  • Access to these resources will be mediated via the University of Hull's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) eBridge.

Unique features of the virtual graduate school:

  • Knowledge transfer from successful researchers (post graduate, postdoctoral researchers and new lecturers) via recorded interviews both video and audio.
  • Access to resources, e.g. journal articles by researchers, that are annotated (by text or audio files) by experienced researchers. This will help knowledge transfer from experienced researchers to developing researchers.

Find out more

Watch the video clip showing what's inside the VGS site.

If you would like to have access to the VGS (and currently don't) please contact the project manager.

Shared Experiences

If you have a research experience that you would like to share, please contact the project manager who will arrange to interview you.