Hull Biodiversity Action Plan

Hull Bird Survey 2006-7
Hull Valley Wildlife Group

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Originally scheduled for the two periods of May and November, 2006, the survey took longer and in fact was undertaken May-June 2006 and November-February 2006-7. The purpose was to ascertain those species present in the late spring breeding season and those wintering; within the city. The survey was to be completed in the summer of 2007 with an appeal to readers of Hull in Print magazine for additional garden information on target species such as Spotted Flycatcher but this did not happen and Spotted Flycatcher was not recorded at all!

In addition to the Hull Biodiversity Action Plan (HBAP) target species, most counters recorded all birds deemed of interest on the survey and it seemed fitting to include those; as it does show that those birds were present in the city in at-least those numbers at that time and includes some valuable surprises. This is the first time such a thorough survey of the birds of Hull has been published.

It is reasonable to assume that all May and June birds were breeding and (if) just because it is not mentioned on the Excel file by a specific record it does not mean it didnít. Any breeding behaviour mentioned in the survey was that noted by observers and is for information only.

Roy Lyon, March 2008

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Mike Ayres
Richard Broughton
Dave Bryan
Shane Bryan
Geoff Dobbs
Ray Eades
John Hesslewood
Roy Lyon
Paul Martin
Pete Martin
Amy Osbourne
Brian Osbourne
Nigel Pickering
Bob Pope
Pete Scott
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