Dr Neil Kemp

Lecturer in Physics

Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

+44 (0) 1482 466149

Neil was appointed lecturer in physics in 2009 at the University of Hull where he started a new group specialising in nanophysics with emphasis on spintronics, memristors and nanoscale engineering.

He began his research career at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, obtaining his PhD in 2000 in the field of electronic transport in conducting polymers, under the supervision of Prof Alan Kaiser and Prof Joe Trodahl.

Neil carried out postdoctoral work at the University of New South Wales (2001) and with Prof Bernard Doudin's group at the Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg (IPCMS), Université des Strasbourg (2006).


Research Interests

  • Nanoscale spintronics
  • Memristors and neuromorphic computing devices
  • Nanoscale engineering
  • Conducting polymers
  • Nanogap bio-sensors

Research groups

  • Nano-cubed
  • G W Gray Centre for Advanced Materials
  • IC1401 - Memristors-Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications (MemoCiS)
  • IC1208 - Integrating devices and materials: a challenge for new instrumentation in ICT (IDEM)
  • CA15128 - Molecular Spintronics (MOLSPIN)


Jabarullah NH, Verrelli E, Gee A, Mauldin C, Navarro LA, Golden JH and Kemp NT, “Large Dopant Dependence of the Current Limiting Properties of Intrinsic Conducting Polymer Surge Protection Devices”, RSC Advances, 6, 85710-85717 (2016)

Popa PL, Kemp NT, Majjad H, Dalmas G, Faramarzi V, Dayen JF, Andreas C, Hertel R, Doudin B, “The magnetoelectrochemical switch”, PNAS 111(29), 10433-10437 (2014)

Kemp NT, Cochrane JW, Newbury R, Dujardin E “Electronic transport in conducting polymer nanowire array devices”, Nanotechnology, 22, 105202 (2011)

Popa PL, Dalmas G, Faramarzi V, Dayen JF, Majjad H, Kemp NT, Doudin B, “Heteronanojunctions with atomic size control using a lab-on-chip electrochemical approach with integrated microfluidics", Nanotechnology 22, 215302 (2011)

Dayen JF, Faramarzi V, Pauly M, Kemp NT, Pichon B, Majjad H, Begin-Colin S, Doudin B, “Nanotrench for nano and microparticle electrical interconnects”, Nanotechnology 33, 335303 (2010)

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Programmes taught on

Modules list

  • Advanced Topics : Electronic Properties of Organic Semiconductors
  • Physics on the Nanoscale : Nanoscale Device Fabrication and Surface Characterisation
  • Introductory Magnetism and Superconductivity
  • Advanced Experimental Physics : Experimental Topics
  • Quantum Physics II
  • Experimental Techniques for 3rd year (Semester 1)

Research PhDs

Dr Kemp welcomes applications in

  • Nanoscale Spintronics
  • Memristors and Neuromorphic Computing Devices
  • Nanoscale Engineering
  • Conducting Polymers
  • Nanogap Bio-Sensors

Completed PhDs

  • Noor Jabarullah

Current PhD supervisions

  • Alex Gee
  • Robert Gray
  • Zahra Namhil
  • Ayoub Hamdiyah

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Authority

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Physics) in 2000 from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand in the field of electronic transport in conducting polymers, under the supervision of Prof Alan Kaiser and Prof Joe Trodahl

External roles

  • Grant reviewer for Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (Netherlands)
  • Grant reviewer for EPSRC and Leverhulme
  • Management Committee Member CA15128 eCost Action

Professional highlights

  • Daily News: “Tiny magnets, huge fields: Nanoscale ferromagnetic electrodes create chemical equivalent of solid-state spin valve”, 31 Jul 2014
  • INP Scientific News: “Un interrupteur magnéto-électro-chimique”, 7 Aug 2014
  • NanoWerk Spotlight Article: “A bottom-up technique for nanotechnology electronics fabrication”, 27 Sept 2007
  • Nanotechnology Now: “A bottom-up technique for nanotechnology electronics fabrication”, 26 Sept 2007