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David Milan

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography/ Employability Officer

Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Environmental Sciences


01482 465570

David’s research is focused at the interface between fluvial geomorphology and freshwater ecology.

It aims to tackle issues related to the effects of changing flow and sediment supply regimes upon river habitat quality, in response to climate change and human activities.

David has a particular interest in the application of new technologies to address river science problems.

His work using terrestrial LiDAR demonstrates how the technology can be used to provide improved assessments of bed roughness and grain-size at the reach-scale, assess rapid morphological change in dynamic proglacial rivers, and map river habitat.


Research Interests

  • Sediment transport in gravel-bed rivers

  • Application of remote sensing technologies to river science problems

  • Ecohydraulics

  • Natural flood management

  • Gravel and fine sediment provenancing and modelling

Research groups

  • Member of the Modelling Environmental Systems Research Group at the University of Hull.

  • Member of the British Society for Geomorphology

  • Member of the American Geophysical Union

  • Member of European Geoscience Union

  • Member of the British Hydrological Society

  • Member of the International Association of Hydrological Science


Milan, D.J., Heritage, G.L., Entwistle, N. Tooth, S. 2017. 'Morphodynamic simulation of sediment deposition patterns on a recently stripped bedrock anastomosed channel. Water and development: scientific challenges in addressing societal issues'. Proceedings of the IAHS Scientific Assembly, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, July 2017

Milan, D.J. 2017. 'Controls on spatial and temporal variations in sand delivery to salmonid spawning riffles'. Hydrological Processes, 31, 2179-2195

Heritage, G.L., Milan, D., Entwistle, N., 2016. 'Alluvial Anastomosed Channels: The preferred channel type on active UK rivers'. In, Webb JA, Costelloe JF, Casas-Mulet R, Lyon JP, Stewardson MJ (eds.) Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics. Melbourne, Australia, February 2016. The University of Melbourne, ISBN: 978 0 7340 5339 8

Heritage, G., Entwistle, N., Tooth, S., Milan, D. 2014. 'Long-term controls on semi-arid river form: evidence from the Sabie and Olifants rivers'. In: Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea, Y. Jun Xu, M. A. Allison, S. J. Bentley, A. L. Collins, W. D. Erskine, V. Golosov, A. J. Horowitz, and M. Stone (Eds.), IAHS Publ 367, 141-146

Entwistle, N., Heritage, G., Tooth, S., Milan, D. 2014. 'Anastomosing reach control on hydraulics and sediment distribution on the Sabie River, South Africa'. In: Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea, Y. Jun Xu, M. A. Allison, S. J. Bentley, A. L. Collins, W. D. Erskine, V. Golosov, A. J. Horowitz, and M. Stone (Eds.), IAHS Publ 367, 215-219

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Programmes taught on

Modules list

  • Exploring Worlds Around Us

  • Global Challenges: Hazardous Worlds

  • Field Study: Almeria (Module Leader)

  • Geohazards (Module Leader)

  • Catchment to Coast

  • Advanced Field Study: Swiss Alps (Module Leader)

  • River Processes and Management

  • Dissertation

Research PhDs

David welcomes applications for PhD research in

  • natural flood management

  • geomorphic change detection using LiDAR

  • geospatial analyses of river channel morphology and roughness

  • sediment transport processes in gravel-bed rivers

  • siltation of salmonid spawning areas

  • monitoring and modelling sediment pathways in river systems

Completed PhDs

  • Jason Stopps (University of Gloucestershire), Sediment sources and delivery to ecological sensitive instream sites, River Lugg, Herefordshire, UK

  • Andrew Parker (University of Gloucestershire), Sediment sourcing in a catchment heaviliy influenced by histric metal mining: a case study from the South Tyne, UK

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Shona Thompson PhD, Modelling the impact of extreme events on South African dryland rivers

Teaching awards and accolades

  • PGCHE in Pedagogy

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Physical Geography

  • MPhil in Physical Geography

  • BSc (Hons) in Geomorphology and Ecology