So ... where exactly is Hull?

Never been to Hull before? That’s okay, there’s a first time for everything! Hull – or Kingston upon Hull, if you want to give us our full, proper name – is located on the northern shore of the Humber Estuary, just off the east coast of England.

We’re situated within the East Riding of Yorkshire, which means that our bustling city is a stone’s throw from some of the country’s most glorious countryside as well as expansive coastlines – the best of all worlds.

And one of the other great things about Hull’s location is that, on average, we see more sun and less rain than most other areas this far north in the UK, and we’re warmer, too. So it’s true what they say – it’s never dull in Hull.


Daring to be different

Hull has never looked better or felt more vibrant - the entire city has been revamped, with spectacular lighting and fountains - unique in the UK - in Queen Victoria Square, and an Italian-style plaza surrounding the newly-christened Hull Minster, England’s largest and arguably the UK’s most beautiful parish church. But then we may be biased.

There’s also the revitalised Marina and Fruit Market, which have become the new cultural and social heart of the city. Once a collection of derelict warehouses, there are now art galleries, contemporary bars, music venues, and even a chocolatier.

The city has never seen a higher level of investment – in 2017, the only people making jokes about Hull, have never been.


A rich and varied heritage

As a city, we’re extremely proud of where we’ve come from. Hull has had a number of trailblazers call the city home throughout its history.

Hull-born MP William Wilberforce was instrumental in passing the Slave Trade Act of 1807, and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1883. Today, our own Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation continues to tackle issues around modern-day slavery.

Pioneering aviator Amy Johnson set multiple long-distance flight records throughout the 1930s. And of course, famous poet Philip Larkin was our University Librarian for 30 years.


You'll LOVE us - get to know us

It’s the people that make a place. A smile and a ‘hello’ go a long way, and you can be sure of both when you get to Hull – according to a survey last year, we’re the second friendliest city in the UK.

You’ll find a fantastic atmosphere and a real community spirit, whether that be on campus, with neighbours, or out in the city centre. And as part of UK City of Culture, more than 2,000 volunteers have been patrolling the streets to give everyone a helping hand.


So much to see, so much to do

Hull is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most talked about cities, with Rough Guides placing us in their Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2016. And it’s not hard to see why – there’s so much to do in Hull that you’ll struggle to tick everything off in three years studying here.

In the city centre alone, you can find the Ferens Art Gallery and five fantastic free museums, as well as all of the shops you’d expect, multiple cinemas, and a trampoline park.

And of course, there’s our world-famous submarium, The Deep. It plays host to a vast array of marine life, with Gentoo penguins and loggerhead turtles among the newest additions, and the views from the top of their spectacular building are breathtaking. You’ll never be stuck for things to do or places to take your friends and family when they visit!


Oh, and we're also
UK City of Culture

Did we mention that already? 2017 is Hull’s year in the spotlight – we’re currently the UK City of Culture, which means that we’ve played host to an incredible programme of events right throughout the year, with loads more still to come.

The University of Hull is a Principal Partner of Hull 2017, and we’re playing a huge part in making the year a success. Not only do our students have access to a fantastic array of cultural events right here on campus, but there are also opportunities to get involved with volunteering, and to try things that you never thought you would.


Next stop, anywhere

Some people will tell you that Hull is at ‘the end of the line’, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is the city itself easily accessible by road, rail, sea and air, our transport links mean that Hull can be just the start of your journey, not the end.

There’s a direct train service to London that will have you there in under 3 hours – handy for trips home, or if you just fancy exploring the capital. Birmingham is just 2.5 hours away, and it’ll only take you around an hour to get to either York or Leeds. Fancy a trip to the beach? Popular seaside town Bridlington is close by, so you can go from city to sand in just 30 minutes.

Or, want to go slightly further afield? There are daily ferry crossings from Hull to both Belgium and the Netherlands, and Humberside Airport can take you to destinations right across Europe and – via Schiphol – worldwide.


Yorkshire: God's own country

Of course, Hull’s great, but what about the rest of the region? Visit the spectacular Yorkshire Coast for some of Britain’s best places to watch sea birds, or head to Beverley and have a look around their stunning Minster, independent shops and restaurants.

Whether you’re after history, shopping, or an escape to the countryside, East Yorkshire has it all.

Visit Hull and East Yorkshire