Graduation dates

Graduation dates

Ensuring you get to your ceremony on time.

Monday 10 july 2017

10.30 am: Ceremony

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Sport, Health and Exercise Science

1.30 pm: Ceremony 2

Faculty of Health SciencesSchool of Health and Social Work Degree students

4.30 pm: Ceremony 3

Faculty of Health Sciences, Psychology, School of Health and Social Work, Certificate/diploma students (Nursing), Hull York Medical School

Tuesday 11 July 2017

10.30 am: Ceremony 4

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education, Arts and Humanities (Creative Writing), English, Histories, Social Sciences (including, Religion, Gender Studies and GEMMA students), BA Social and Community Studies, BA Social and Behavioural Studies, BA Community and Youth Work Studies

1.30 pm: Ceremony 5

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education, Drama, Music and Screen, Modern Languages and Cultures (including American Studies and Philosophy), Validated programmes (within Arts and Cultures)

4.30 pm: Ceremony 6 

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education, School of Education, Certificate in Education, Degree students (including  validated programmes within education), Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

Wednesday 12 July 2017

10.30 am: Ceremony 7

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics

1.30 pm: Ceremony 8

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering 

4.30 pm: Ceremony 9

Faculty of Business, Law and PoliticsBusiness School Undergraduate students in Accounting and Finance, Management Systems, Organisational Behaviour and HRM (campus based and overseas programmes), Undergraduate validated programmes, Postgraduate students (within Business School)

Thursday 13 July 2017

10.30 am: Ceremony 10

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics, School of Law and Politics, Law, Politics

1.30 pm: Ceremony 11

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics, Business School,  Undergraduate students in Economics, Business and Marketing and Marketing and Business Strategy (campus based and overseas programmes)

Friday 14 July 2017 

2.00 pm: Ceremony 12 (Scarborough)

Faculty of Arts, Culture and Education, Scarborough School of Education, Digital Media; English; Creative Writing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Scarborough Centre for Healthcare Studies 2015/16 cohort, Faculty of Business, Law and Politics,  Hull University Business School at Scarborough, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Centre for Environmental and Marine Science